Tutors: Juan Carlos Pagan, Nic Wehmeyer

Space Oddity is the album that launched or 'swallowed' David Bowie in that otherworldly journey his life and work has been. Vinyl cover study.


Norse Mythology has been the starting point for  this Iceland poster. Through design i wanted to
portray the ancient history that permeates this magnificent volcanic area.

The love for reading and the familiarity with the Caslon typeface pushed me to choose it when designigning a specimen book. The first application of this font was for 'The decaration of independence', and that informed and inspired my concept.

Cover laying down.big.jpg

This illustration has been created to portray a tourism poster for Hawaii. It’s been inspired by the contrast between the protective and auspicious meaning of Tiki Masks and their sometimes fearsome appearence. The mask has been drawn by  giving shape to Hawaiian Mythology legends.

I love Alan Moore and V per Vendetta inspired me when designing a  poster from a movie quote. My idea was to portray through color and an alternation of brush strokes and regular typefaces the revolutionary attitude and modernity of its message.

15.calligraphy test_multiple fonts.jpg

Demian (Herman Hesse) is the story if the growth, physical and spiritual development of Emil Sinclair, a german boy born just in the years before WWI. In this title sequence storyboard, i wanted to show the evolution from a Christian and self righteous point of view to a more expanded and dualistic one, achieved from Emil thanks to his mentor Demian . It would be reached in the sequence through allusive animated images merging into one another.

Here i explored the combination of Lana Del Rey with a modern Bauhaus approach for 'The Endless Summer Tour'.

What can make a book design as pleasurable as the velvety taste of fine chocolate? This is the question i asked myself while preparing concept and layout for this chocolate book, that is a guide on how to prepare delicious chocolate gifts in the confort of your own kitchen.