Space Oddity

Graphis New Talent  2018, Merit.  

I wanted to represent the beginning of David Bowie’s path. His fear, awe, and curiosity through abstraction with the possibility that space and time deformation led him to the discovery of a different reality of existence, developing the figure we saw expressed amidst his entire career and life.


Caslon Specimen

Graphis New Talent  2018, Merit.  

The love for reading and the familiarity with the Caslon typeface pushed me to design its specimen book. The first application of this font was for 'The decaration of independence', and the elegance and classicality of its letters and glyphs informed and inspired my design.


Antiraging Cosmetics

Graphis, New Talent 2018, Merit

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to pick and choose all we want to see on social media and the web and avoid anything that doesn’t excite us? This started as a web filter idea and I started developing the look and naming for is promotion.


Electric Love

I'v been spending long hours on my computer since years. So I had fun writing lyrics and designing a Cd for this 'computer addiction' ...


Awards/ Publications

Graphis, New Talent 2018, Merit  

Norse Mythology has been the starting point for this Iceland poster. Through design i wanted to portray the ancient history that permeates this magnificent volcanic area.

Tutors// Juan Carlos Pagan/ Nic Wehmeyer. -Miami Ad School NY-