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The playoff beard: a time honored tradition in sports fandom where able-bearded men grow their facial hair as long as their team’s post-season lasts. For a few, the beards are trophies of victory, but most must shave goodbye. Why not make it interesting? 

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Join Dollar Shave Club’s Raze the Stakes page on Facebook; you choose the matchup you want to bet on, the friend you want to bet against, and the beard the loser will have to wear. 


Wait and watch. Caress your beard for good luck.


After the clock runs out on the loser’s season, a Dollar Shave Club box will arrive at his house. The kit will come with a razor (obviously), a styling guide, and a tube addressed to the winner. 


Once the loser shows his face in public, all of his friends will add his photo to the #wallofshave.


If the loser is still feeling bitter, he can collect his trimmings and send a beard bomb: a close but grosser cousin to the glitter bomb.


We'll promote through social media with a 30 sec commercial.

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