SoundCloud, the world's leading social sound platform, faces competition with a multitude of new music sharing platforms. To help the brand distinguish themselves from the pack, we created a campaign focused on a unique way to discover music.


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Soundcloud will launch Brainwaves: a campaign providing users with the most accurate system dedicated to finding fresh music by scanning their brains with fMRI machines as they listen to a variety of songs.


Based on the results of their brain scan, an algorithm will create a constantly updating playlist on SoundCloud to provide specifically curated music for each individual in the most accurate way possible.


The promotion will start with instagram posts.

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Posters will be put up around the cities and Festivals that Brainwaves will be visiting.


Brainwave users may order a 3D printed vinyl record of their original playlist.

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AD//Alessandra Divizia / Dorit Eliyahu - CW// Frank Moore .   Tutor: Cheena Jain  -Miami Ad School NY-